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robot goalkeeper


We are a young ambitious team consisting of people with passion for robotics.

Our device:

Our device for playing soccer is an excellent alternative to promotion,
marketing and equipment of all types of the entertainment objects.

This game is a perfect tool for learning and having fun with soccer, because it reflects the real feelings during shooting towards the goal. Our automatic goalkeeper operates on various levels of game advancement, so everyone has a chance to win! Additionally, we offer the possibility to advertise your products on the area of approx. 65m2, which in connection with uniqueness of the machine will provide your company with a significant increase in the marketing indicator for your products.

There’s more!

#RobotGoalkeeper has also other profit functions.
One of them is a very popular prize game of shot and win type.


The software is based on three-dimensional technique of image scaling, which allows to determine trajectory of the ball and swift control of the robot arm.

Device versions

  • “Advanced“ version with aluminium structure (highest quality, full equipment)
  • We also have models in “basic” version
  • “ISG” version with structure in inflatable castle
  • and technological set without the structure


The software set includes: summary counters, game counters, all data permanently saved in HDD and in the cloud, position control on different levels, control via mobile devices, control via Internet.

Who is it for?

This devices is perfectly suited for trade and promotional entrepreneurs, #MarketingCompanies, companies organizing various #events, #AmusementParks, #SportsFacilities, #stadiums, #HolidayResorts #Carnival #FunZone #funfair #RentalOfAttractions #SportsEvents #FunPark and those who want to make profit and gain reputation around the world.

See how it works!

The attached gallery includes videos from events that were organized in Poland and around the world.


Ready to start and want see more?